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Coviself Home Testing Kit : Here’s all you need to know about the kit

On Wednesday the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) permitted the use of coviself. The Pune best Mylab Discovery solutions developed the first-ever home kit for the covid test. This testing kit is named Coviself and can be bought from any chemist shop. In the coming week, the home covid testing kit will be available in India.

The Rapid antigen test (RAT’s) in the home covid-19 test used. Thus providing results within 15 minutes like in the pregnancy test. From the nasal swab sample, the SARS-CoV-2 is detected by the kit as a  protein antigen.

Dr. Gautam Wankhede at Mylab, the Director of Medical affairs along with his team developed the coviself. He stated that “For the last three months, our team of 25 scientists was working on the making of this product. It was very clear that sooner or later, we will need home testing kits for Covid-19 for early detection.”

Currently, the production capacity by the company is 70 lacs test per week. But most probably in the next two weeks, would be expanded up to 1 crore tests per week.

How the Coviself kit developed?

Since January my Labs worked on coviself keeping in mind every aspect related to the size of the kit. Along with ensuring the safety of family members. Most importantly the sensitivity of the kit in detecting the virus.

Price and Guidelines For the Kit:

The kit coviself price is Rs 250, which is quite economical. Moreover, the ease of access to the kit because available in the chemist shop. According to the ICMR advisory:

The test advised only to the individuals showing symptoms

Strictly indiscriminate testing not advised

The test can be used even when non-prescribed and is fully authorized. For the individual aged 18 years and above the self-collected nasal swab specimens. Along with adult collector nasal swab samples for the age of 2 years and above.

How to use the home kit?

According to the video released by the company, downloading the coviself app from the Google Play Store before conduction of test is recommended.

Further instructions of usage can be read by the instruction manual provided with the test kit. The test kit constitutes of the sterile nasal swab, test card, biohazard bag. Moreover including a pre-filter extraction tube.

The test is confirmed positive when both the control line C and the test line t appear in the cartridge. Thus confirming the novel coronavirus antigen present in the body.

How to use the coviself application?

The user needs to fill in the credentials after opening the application. The credentials are name, age, address, government identification number.

Afterward, the report generated downloaded through the application for further usage.

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