Have you heard of the term FOMO (fear of missing out)? we all have experienced it in the age of social media. We often find ourselves getting  freak out from the recent pop culture references and trends. Patrick J. Mc Ginnis popularized the term while writing for the Harbus.  Researches have been made since decades about how and why FOMO is generated in our mind? and it was found that FOMO is generated in parts of our brain called the amygdala. Interestingly amygdala is also the part of the brain that tells us weather or not something is a threat to survival. So basically, it is responsible for creating the feeling of fear in us.

What is Fear of missing out aka FOMO?

FOMO refers to a pervasive apprehension that others may be having a lot of fun or noteworthy experiences while you feel pressurized to join the same.

As Andrew Yang quoted

FOMO is the enemy of valuing your own time.

and it definitely is true, because nowadays we are in a hassle to stay unto dated, to follow every trend and to feel seen among our peers on social media. And eventually we are falling into the trap of what we call as FOMO.

A new devastating wave of FOMO?

FOMO has increased in the recent time due to the ever-increasing social networking and advancement in the technology. For instance, whenever you Log on to Instagram, to Facebook or even to twitter, you will feel a trigger in your anxiety level, aren’t you? It is certain that you will feel deprived in the sense that you are not doing enough, and that you are not a part of the social fabric, and as a result you will start getting that guilt of not being cool or trendy enough or worse, not well informed about what is happening in the world and behold! Congratulations! you have been diagnosed with classic case of FOMO.

If you are suffering from the social media driven pandemic here is an antidote to it, it is called as JOMO aka Joy of missing out

“There is surely nothing other than the single purpose of the present moment” – Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Imagine a world where you can unwind without any gadgets, without popping up of any notifications on your home screen. A world where reels and comments do not affect your current state. A world where the recent Instagram reel does not put any pressure on you to join the bandwagon, a world where recent cooking trend no matter how impractical, doesn’t spark FOMO or the fear of missing out. Well, that’s the beauty of JOMO or joy of missing out.

According to one definition: “JOMO gives a feeling of self-fulfillment to measure the success or meaning of one’s life and provides a ‘density of good memories’ which can be translated as having lived life to the full and is a manifestation of desired freedom existence”

In a nutshell

To summarize, the idea is pretty simple that social media is not real life and not worth the grunt so forget about your reels. So go and get some time to unleash and enjoys the little moments in your life. Go outside take a breath of fresh air and feel witness the beauty of nature with your whole heart. Go and do what makes you happy and that what brings you joy. And that’s when you actually experience JOMO.

It is not real life and not worth the grunt work forget about your reels and go enjoy your real life because that is worth it.

Vaishnavi Uniyal

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