Jeff Bezos’s resignation substitutes with an elevated rank as Executive Chairman of Amazon


Now, Jeff Bezos is the Executive Chairman of Amazon. He hasn’t quit Amazon. Instead, his influence escalates with his new position in the company.

$211 Billionaire, Jeff Bezos resigned as the CEO of Amazon. He, the founder of Amazon, served as the CEO for 27 years. 

Additionally, his resignation comes with plans to focus on his other projects.

Also, he hopes to work on social issues like climate change. 

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos resigns
Andy Jassy, new CEO of Amazon


Jeff Bezos Amazon- 

Name: Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen 

Born: 12 January 1964

Age: 57

Founding Companies: Amazon, Blue Origin 

Intrestingly, Even after resigning with net worth $211 billions, he is the richest man in the world.

The story so far- 

  • 2 Feb 2021, Jeff Bezos’s email to his employees informed them about his resignation as the CEO.
  • Further, he declared that Andy Jassy will be the new CEO. While he will join as the Executive Chairman of the company.
  • The announcement became news within hours. Subsequently, speculations of Jeff Bezos losing decision powers caught up. 
  • However, it was later clarified that he will continue as Executive Chairman.
  • As Executive Chairman, he will remain involved in the operations and initiatives. He could also suggest decisions to the CEO.
  • Importantly, he will be the owner of 10% shares. Hence, ensuring his complete influence on the operations and decision-making of the company. 
  • Finally, on 5 July, he stepped down from his position. While he got promoted as the Executive Chairman. 
  • Besides, Andy Jassy took over as the CEO of Amazon. 
  • Why Jeff Bezos stepped down from CEO?

The main reason for Jeff Bezos stepping down from CEO is Blue Origin.

Blue Origin: Blue Origin is a space-flight services company. It is founded by Jeff Bezos. The company is established to provide space travel facilities. So, future generations can expand and work in space. 

The fundings for Blue Origin are from the owner and funder, Mr. Jeff.  

While another important reason is his desire to engage in new products and early initiatives at Amazon. 

With him quitting as a CEO, he wants to divert his attention to more fruitful activities for Amazon and other projects. 

Also, he will engage in more fields of passion and philanthropy. 

Indeed, He ensures Amazon in the supervision of his trustworthy- Andy Jassy.

Andy Jassy, Who will be the next CEO of Amazon
Andy Jassy, the new CEO of Amazon


Who is Andy Jassy? 

Name: Andrew R. Jassy 

Born:  13 January 1968

Age: 53

Founder: Amazon Music and Amazon Web Services 

Andy Jassy is one of the most trustworthy of Jeff Bezos. He is popularly known for finding Amazon Web services. He has been handling the operations of AWS since its establishment.

 AWS contributes to 47% of Amazon’s overall revenue. 

Undoubtedly, Andy Jassy is an ideal successor to Jeff Bezos. 

Still, Jeff Bezos continues to be the influential part of his new role in the organization. 

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