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Netaji was alive after 1945

23 January, 2021 marked the 125th birth anniversary of one of the most iconic freedom fighters of our country Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Kolkata witnessed a grand event, presided over by the PM in the National library and Victoria Memorial. The day was a complete success with a smile on everyone’s faces for Netaji, that from now he would get his due respect.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose


It is stated that Netaji died in a plane crash on 18 August 1945 in Taiwan and many people believe it. But, a question has always been arising in everyone minds since the alleged crash, ”Did Netaji really die?” It sounds very awkward hearing to such questions but so is the case with Bose. Because the British agencies doubted it and had put this question forward initially. Not the Indians. Many famous personalities doubted the so called ‘crash’ theory contradicted ever since 1945 and recently it has been proved wrong.

When the news of Netaji’s death reached to the Britishers, the then Viceroy, Field Marshall Archibald Wavell wrote in his diary,

I suspect it very much, it is just what should be given out if he meant to go underground.

There are many such incidents and evidences which completely dismiss the plane crash theory.


  • An American reporter claimed to see Bose alive after 18 August.

Netaj iseen alive in Saigon

Alfred Wagg, working for The Chicago Tribune, interrupted Nehru’s press conference on 29 August saying that,

“Bose was alive and seen in Saigon(today’s Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) four days ago.”

Soon after this, the IB then reached to Saigon to investigate into the matter and came back with an understanding that view in Saigon was,

”There was no proof of Bose’s death.”

  • Mismatch in the statements given out by Japanese eye witnesses.

There were 3 commissions set up to look into the Bose mystery, the Shah Nawaz Commission(1956), the Khosla Commission(1970) and the Mukherjee Commission(1999).Interestingly, the eye witnesses’ statements of the crash did not match with each other. How can a person forget such an accident and that of a plane crash?

Secondly, in that plane, apart from Bose, there were few Japanese soldiers as well as Col Habib Ur Rahman of INA. Surprisingly, Netaji died and Habib was safe together with one or two Japanese soldiers. Also, their statements did not match with each other! How could the army persons who survived the same crash go faulty with their memories? Habib was said to be so loyal to Netaji that if he was given a secret, he would keep it until ordered by Netaji himself to open up.

Habib Ur Rehman
Col. Habib Ur Rahman
  • The first two commissions were not up to the mark and inconclusive.

It is a matter of utmost surprise that the Shah Nawaz Commission never visited Taiwan while investigating! They formulated the conclusions while sitting in Delhi only. The second, Khosla commission did visit Taiwan but never approached the government seriously about the official records regarding the crash and Netaji’s death!

Netaji was supposed to be in Russia.

  • Some of the findings of the Mukherjee Commission.

This commission visited Taiwan and requested the government to give access to the files. Their findings were totally shocking and supported by proofs and facts.

  1. There was no picture of Netaji’s dead body.
  2. No proper cremation record was there of Netaji and the one record available was of some Japanese soldier.
  3. The Taiwan government said in 2003 that there had been no plane crash in the 1945. The one that took place was in 1944, of an American plane.
  4. Up to the 1950’s or 60’s, Netaji’s family and close ones were under surveillance of the British and the Indian agencies.(Why would they spy on a dead man’s family?)
  5. There existed proofs(written as well as eye-witnesses’ statements) that pointed out that the  holy man of Faizabad popularly known as Bhagwanji could have been Bose!
  6. Bhagwanji was in regular touch with Pabitra Mohan Roy, a physician. However, P.M Roy earlier was an intelligence officer in INA! He was also in touch with many famous personalities like Samar Guha, Leela Roy, and many more.
  7. Handwritings of Bhagwanji and Netaji matched! B Lal Kapoor, a retired Chief Examiner of Questioned Documents in terms of handwriting verification checked the samples. He verified the samples.
  8. Later, Curt Baggett, a famous American handwriting expert also verified the samples.

Even after so much findings, the then Congress government rejected the report in 2006 without any proper reason.


In 2010, MK Mukherjee’s gave an off record statement about Gumnaami baba which,  Amlan Ghosh secretly recorded for his documentary, Black Box of History. Mukherjee said,

” I am 100% sure that Bhagwanji(Gumnaami baba) was Bose.”

He regretted of not fully proving it due to government’s non cooperation.

The political and social conditions were different then. But, in this present era, the truth should come out about Netaji’s fate. Because, 75 years is a long period for anything to remain behind the curtains. And that too, related with a person who sacrificed his everything for fulfilling the dream of Aazad Bharat.

Shashwat Malasi

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