Rashid Khan bowls the maximum number of overs in a test match.

Rashid Khan, on Sunday, broke Shane Watson’s record of bowling the highest number of overs in a test match. The Afghanistan spinner bowled a total of 99.2 overs in Abu Dhabi against Zimbabwe in an ongoing match between Afghanistan and Zimbabwe. This is the highest record in a test match of the 21st century! In the previous century, Sri Lankan bowler Muttiah Muralitharan held this record.

Rashid Khan’s best play ever!

This record was created by him in the 2nd test match between Afghanistan and Zimbabwe at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium at Abu Dhabi. In the first innings, Rashid had bowled 36.3 overs conceding 138 runs with 4 wickets. In the 2nd innings, he took a haul of 7 wickets by giving 137 runs. His contribution also included 20 maiden overs.

It was because of the right-arm legbreaker that Zimbabwe was reduced to mere 107 runs, thus giving Afghanistan a small total of 108 runs to win the match. Cricketers from all around the globe are praising the brilliant performance of the Afghani bowler and emerging talent. Currently, he plays for the Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League(IPL).

Rashid Khan on Sunday against Zimbabwe in a test match at Abu Dhabi.
Afghanistan leg spinner Rashid Khan.

Record holders in the 21st century prior to Rashid Khan.



Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne.

The Australian spinner was the record holder until this Sunday. Shane Warne had bowled 98 overs conceding 231 runs with 8 wickets and 25 maiden overs. His economy was 2.35. This record, he made while playing against South Africa at Cape Town on 8th March 2002.



Sri Lankan right arm off spinner Muttiah Muralitharan had bowled the maximum number of overs in a test a match in 1998.
Sri Lankan off-spinner Muttiah Muraltharan.

M. Muralitharan holds two positions in the list having bowled the most number of overs in a test match. The first time he had bowled 97.0 overs including 28 maidens. The Sri Lankan off-spinner conceded 145 runs and had taken 7 wickets. This was against the Test between England and Sri Lanka at Galle, England on 22nd February 2001.

The second time he had bowled  96.0 overs including 46 maidens. While conceding only 124 runs in the match, he took 8 wickets with an economy of 1.29 runs per over. This test match was again against England at Kandy, Sri Lanka on 10th December 2003.

Surprisingly, in 1998, Muralitharan had bowled a whooping 113.5 overs and again vs England! The match was played at The Oval, England.



Australian right-arm off-spinner Nathan Lyon.
Australian right-arm off-spinner Nathan Lyon.

The Australian right-handed off-spinner was at the 5th position until now. On 22nd November 2012 at Adelaide, Australia against South Africa, he bowled 94 overs including 38 maidens. While taking 5 wickets, Lyon gave away just 140 runs.

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