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Republic day – Significance And celebrations in India

The day of honoring the Indian constitution, when it came into effect celebrated as Republic Day in India. On 26 January 1950, the governing document of India took over the Government of India Act (1935). Hence, making India the republic nation on 26th January.

This year India will celebrate its 72nd republic day. Though our country got independence on 15th August 1947. But independent India doesn’t get its laws. Later on, they were drafted and finally adopted in the year 1950. Thus, marking 26th January as one of the memorial days for India. Also recognized as constitution day of India.

Republic day


Significance Of Republic Day :

After Independence, there was no such permanent Indian constitution. So the laws were based on the modified colonial Government of India Act 1935. That gave rise to the need for a full-fledged Indian constitution. As a result, a drafting committee appointed on 29 August 1947. The first meeting held on 30 August 1947, with the aim of drafting a permanent constitution. Along with B.R. Ambedkar as an elected chairperson. The Drafting Committee had seven members, namely Alladi Krishnaswami Ayyar, N Gopalaswami, BR Ambedkar, KM Munshi, Mohammad Saadulla, BL Mitter, and DP Khaitan.

Constitution of india

On 4 November 1947, a final draft constitution prepared and submitted to the Constituent Assembly. After several modifications and open sessions on 26 January 1950,  it came into existence. Along with Dr. Rajendra Prasad beginning his first term of office as President of the Indian Union. The Constituent Assembly became the Parliament of India under the transitional provisions of the new Constitution,


The great celebration of Republic Day takes place in the capital of India every year. In New Delhi, at the Rajpath, a republic day parade is organized. The event begins with the prime minister paying tribute to the martyrs at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate. Moreover, the president also hoists a flag at Rajpath. Along with them, several important dignitaries are also present for the parade. Many ceremonies and parades take place to depict the cultural heritage. Along with the unity and diversity of the country.

Republic day parade

But this year’s celebrations will be confined due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Also, this year no foreign guests will visit India on Republic Day. We all are still trying to make things efficiently work out in this pandemic. Special guidelines and measures released by the government as keeping the current scenario in mind.

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