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Lose 5kgs in 10 Days! Eat as Much as You Want — and Still, Lose Weight! Drop One Dress Size a Day! Rapid weight loss can be quick and easy -those claims are likely to attract consumers.

By making such dramatic & effortless weight-loss claims, advertisers try to sell their concept. But the fact is that weight loss requires lifestyle changes. Slow steady weight loss is preferable to crash diets. Moreover, especially important when it comes to losing weight without any complications. Losing excess weight is a surefire way to reduce your risk of other health-related complications. Rapid weight loss means losing 1.5 kg or more per week. This can impact significant muscle mass and also leads to other complications (electrolyte imbalance, feeling cold, etc.). Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as losing fat.

Weight loss of 0.454 to 1 kg per week is a good goal and quite safe. Modest weight loss not only helps prevent health issues it also encourages new habits that can help put an end to losing and regaining weight repeatedly. Weight loss is best achieved with increased activity and a sustainable diet that doesn’t leave you feeling hungry, fatigued, or deprived. Different strategies will work for different people. I believe that throwing ambitious targets out of the window and focusing on steady. Also, gradual progress is the single most impactful way that can result in long-term sustainable weight loss.

Nutrigen Wellness

Nutrigen Wellness

Nutrigen Wellness, the Nutrition Clinic, is all about a natural weight management program.It deals with diet plan, workout & regular follow-up. Firstly, you need to fill out an assessment form that provides us all the basic information. Regarding the diet history and the health status of a person and helps data required for planning personalized diet plans. According to progress in weight loss, we provide a diet plan & change it every 15 days. Diet plans are easy which helps in adopting an overall healthier lifestyle that could be continued for long to achieve desired goals. We make sustainable changes in diet by replacing sweets, deep-fried & bakery items with fresh fruits & veggies. This is beneficial in the long run for those who are trying to lose weight.

Most people discontinue the journey of weight loss due to lack of discipline and poor diet. To achieve your goal, the core secret values are consistency, determination & commitment.That comes from exercising with the coach or enthusiastic fitness buddies. Nutrigen Wellness designs an intense workout regime that consists of HIIT, planks, burpees & aerobics.That last approximately 40-45 minutes. We are of the firm belief that things are possible when you are fit and followed with a balanced diet and workout plan. To keep beneficiaries motivated we ask them to click their pictures weekly to track their progress. This also helps in tracking our milestones that how far we have arrived and reminds us further to achieve.

If you have a competitive spirit and ready to come out of your comfort zone then you should think of joining a fitness class. These are opportunities challenging you in many ways physically & mentally. If you can attend a class at least thrice a week, then you burn even more calories and find more fulfilled. Here we help in developing healthier dietary habits and train to maintain a healthy weight.

So, if you are trying to lose weight give our dietary & workout regime a shot.

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