Lonar Crater Lake: Unveiling one of the Mysterious place of India

There are various hidden mysteries about different places in India. One of them is the mysterious and weird Lonar crater lake in India that recently turned pink. Some mysteries get buried in the rocks but this mystery was formed by a meteor. Every year enormous meteors dive toward Earth but none of them made a lake and left the mystery behind them. Why is this a mystery? Let’s unveil some Dugged facts and stories of this 52,000 years old lake in Maharashtra.

The whole Story behind the Lonar :

A meteor weighing 2 million tons hit the ground and resulted in the formation of a lonar crater lake. Lonar is the unique and largest hypervelocity impact crater in basaltic rock on Earth. It was a 2million tonne meteor traveling towards earth with a speed of 90,000 km per hour digging a 150m deep and 1.8 wide hole. This lake is located in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra, people are still perplexed over its existence for more than 50000 years.

Many types of research were conducted and many questions arose about its existence and facts. But the NASA scientist and geological survey of India cannot justify and answer them. Initially, it was believed that the Lonar crater’s origin was volcanic, which dates back to 65 million years, due to its location in a basalt field.

Apart from the science, there is a local folk tale regarding this lonar crater lake. According to the tale, a mythical demon named lonasura when pushed by Lord Vishnu with tremendous force into the abyss formed this. This was done because lonasura used to trouble and Harass the local people.

What are the mysteries behind the Lonar Crater lake?

This Lake is alkaline as well as saline but according to science, it is nearly impossible for a lake to be alkaline and saline at the same time. Also, the microorganisms that are present in the lake are rarely found somewhere else on the planet Earth. Because it is not possible to survive both alkaline and saline environment at the same point.

If you have a compass as soon as you reach the lake, it stops working. Different theories come out but all of them failed to justify the reason that what lies beneath the lake.

Lonar crater lake turned pink

In recent years the lake turned out automatically pink. To this also , science have no reason to justify the fact.

Experiencing the lonar crater lake:

After a four-hour drive from Aurangabad, you can reach this perplexing place. Even after visiting Ajanta and Ellora Caves which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, people don’t visit this Lonar lake. As it is less popular as tourists and Traveler have less knowledge about the place.

You can start your trek from the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation hotel also, but different starting points to the trek are available. So just start trekking a slippery devious trek to reach this lake. But it gives the tourist a rememberable wildlife experience. As this area is home to various migratory and local Birds such as red-wattled lapwings, blue jays, tailor birds, parakeets, and peafowl.

Lonar crater lake trek

Temples such as the partially-submerged Shankar Ganesha temple, The Ram Gaya temple, and the Kamalja Devi temple are located nearby by the lake is also one thing that any God devotee must experience. Especially the Daitya Sudan Temple, which is a gem embedded in the heart of lunar town. It is dedicated towards Lord Vishnu destroyer of demand lonasura.

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