90’s Bollywood Movies That Will Hearten You to Travel in 2021s


A word that delineates the dream of almost every common man in India. What made the Bollywood industry one of the biggest film industries in the whole world is, of course, the uniqueness, the flexibility in picking any subject. Especially, the theme for its movies, the drama, the songs, the big set up’s, and most important the locations. Yes! Locations picked in Bollywood movies not only just showcase the alluring beauty of India. But it also stands disparate in exploring the unexplored and unfathomed destinations of India as well as of the world.

I remember when I was a kid, I was totally hypnotized by the location used in the song ‘Ye Mausam Ka Jadu Hai Mitva’ in the movie ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’. I was so curious to know about the location that in spite of not having the access to the internet, I went to a cyber café and google what that location was?

Mausam Ka jaadu hai mitwa



Now, you can imagine how strong that impact was for a 90’s kid. Movies like Roza, Dil Se, Deewana, Saajan, and an endless list, all filled up with fascinating and stunning locations.

Bollywood And Locations :

Bollywood has always been exclusive in experimenting with its locations. Whether its Chopta valley in ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’, Pahalgam in ‘Highway’, or Devikulam lake in ‘Chennai Express’. Indian cinema is so much engrossed in the heart of the Indian audience. As each and everything depicted in the movie has a wide impact on their mindset.

Bollywood movies


One of the most important aspects of Indian cinema i.e. Its locations always controlled the mindset of the people. Locations used in Indian cinema have always mesmerized not only the Indian audience but also foreign tourists as well.

How many times it happened that I discussed with my husband about the specific location of any movie and then we planned to explore that particular location. Directly or indirectly the cinema has always influenced our traveling decisions.

Now if we talk about the 90’s era of the Bollywood industry, then the first name that pops up in my mind is the super-duper blockbuster of 1995 i.e. ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ often called ‘DDLJ’. One of the most romantic movies that you can never get enough of, be it its story, romance, songs, and locations.

Bollywood DDLJ

Yash Chopra created a milestone in his career with ‘DDLJ’.Yes, of course, it still has a fascinating effect on my mind. The movie shot at different locations in Punjab, Maharashtra, London, and Switzerland. The most popular song of the movie i.e. ‘Tujhe Dekha to ye Janna Sanam’ shot in the mustard fields of Punjab. It still fills my heart with romance and I often sing it to my husband to impress him (jokes apart!).

Mustard Fields in DDLJ


But yes, the song is awesome in its own way! There is a station between Mumbai and Panvel known as Apta where the iconic climax scene. In the movie where Simran’s dad tells her ‘Ja Simran ja, jee le apni zindagi’ was shot. This station has been the shooting location for different train station scenes, for instance, ‘Khakee’ and ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’.


Sharukh, Locations, and Romance all three have always been favorites of Yash Chopra.

One of the most critically acclaimed movies of 1994 i.e. ‘Hum Aap Ke Hain Kaun’ of Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit shot in the scenic locations of Connor and Ooty. The famous song ‘Ghunghat Ki Aad Se Dilbar ka’ used to be the romantic symbol of the year 1993 was shot in Shiv Niwas Palace Hotel, Udaipur.

Also, the 1995 hit movie ‘Karan Arjun’ shot in different locations of Rajasthan. The village portrayed in the movie was one of the villages of Alwar district, named Bhangarh. The place that is among the most haunted destinations in the whole world. The Durga temple where the mother of Karan and Arjun was worshipping is located at Pushkar near Ajmer.

Karan Arjun.jpg

So, you can see how the Bollywood cinema industry has influenced the tourism decision of the Indian audience. Not only Bollywood is increasing the scope of the tourism sector. But also contributing to its revenue.




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