Christmas Package : Here’s The List Of Movies And Series For Christmas

With the warmness of the fire, brightness of the light here Christmas comes. Along with the gifts of happiness from Santa Claus and carols singing loud another year takes a seat back.


The 2020 year has been a great pandemic ride with masks as a saving tribe. So, to keep you safe and entertained on Christmas. Here’s a list of some movies and series you can watch on different OTT platforms. That would be a full package of entertainment and joy even at home. Also to celebrate your weekends along with festival vibes.

This list of movies and series can fit any mood, whether it’s a holiday or festival mood. The happiness of gifts receiving and the opening has been forever joy for everyone. So here’s a small virtual gift for you in the form of a relaxation package.

Movies and series for christmas


Nothing can beat the zest and addiction of the series from our minds. So here’s the list of series which you can get online on Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar, and many other OTT platforms.

1. Alice In Borderland:

This is the new series on Netflix from Japan. It’s a great combo of  Action, Fantasy along with Science and thriller. The main concept of this series is transforming the Tokyo into an alternate dimension called “Borderland.

2.The Queen’s Gambit :

This is a small American coming age Drama based on Walter Tevis‘s 1983 novel. This show is currently streaming on Netflix. Moreover, a great choice for novel readers also.

3. ZeroZeroZero:

It’s an Italian crime based series, currently streaming on Amazon Prime. The main idea is taken from the novel based on the shipment and movement of the drug cocaine around the continents.

4. Star Trek: Picard :

It’s an American Television Series and is currently streaming on Amazon. Moreover, released as a Kurtzman’s expansion of the franchise in the year 2020.

   5. The Haunting of Bly Manor :

It’s an American Television Series and is currently streaming on Netflix.A great horror series along with a gothic romance. You all will be surely terrified after watching this.



Love for movies can’t be outdated ever. Whether the movies are old or new they are the perfect small hour’s entertainment pack. So, here’s the great blend of some old and new movies list.

1. White Christmas :

An American Musical film produced in the year 1954. It can be currently found on Netflix. The story of two boys falling for a girl is the main theme of the movie.

White Christmas



2. Onward :

It’s an American computer-animated urban fantasy-adventure film. It’s currently streaming on Disney and is a family comedy combo pack.


3. Klaus:

A Spanish Christmas film revolving around a postman’s life. An animation film and is currently streaming on Netflix.


4. The Way back:

The movie is based on a true event and a great choice for sports lovers. It is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

5. The Christmas Chronicles :

An American film based on Christmas along with the comedy. It’s produced in 2018 and currently streaming on Netflix.

Christmas Chronicles



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