The 5 Best Netflix Original Series and Movies of 2021

Netflix always knows how to interact with people’s minds and is always ahead of all OTT platforms. Netflix surprises its user always by hitting the right chord, just when you think that you have done with all your stuff.

Even though this year zoomed past us in a jiffy, the memories that we are taking back from this year are plenty like friendship, love, family, anger, and many other emotions holding a strong place in our hearts. Similarly, Netflix also presented numerous stories from various writers and directors that incorporated instances from real incidents and bind them with realistic fiction. Here are the top 5 most loved series and movies of 2021 on Netflix :

  • Sex Education:

    This year season 3 dropped off, of sex education. With Otis, a high school student with one of his friend’s Maeve opened a sex therapy clinic. In the end, how Otis’s thoughts are being molded from friendship to love is the main crux of the show. Basically, a show based on young youth with the essence of little humor.



This show features numerous Korean actors and is one of the most hyped series of all. In this group of 456 people who are in serious Dept are selected to play a bunch of games, at the end that would lead to a life or death situation. In this series, if you when you rich, if you lost you Glitch.


This is a mystery thriller web series. For the wellbeing of his son, a talented thief move from one country to another where he got falsely accused of a crime. Along with his way, the revenge that he seeks forms the main thrilling element of the story.

Season 5 dropped off and marked the final end of the series this year. It received the same enthusiasm from the viewers as the previous seasons received. This show features many popular Spanish actors. In this, a bank robbery from a bank of Spain is planned by the professor along with his crew. He faced many obstacles along the way and how he pulled off, forms the main crux of the story.

This series is based on true life events. This is inspired by the life of author Stephanie Land that she chronicled in an acclaimed 2019 memoir called Maid. That is defined as Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive.

This movie is one of the most anticipated movies in the year 2021 from the Malayalam industry. This movie has also been dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and English. In this two small people from the town are struck by lightning and get superpowers like speed and strength. One person decided to follow towards the good path whereas the other one decided to cause destruction. It shows the battle between the good and the bad in an extra engaging way.

In this movie, two talented bunch of thieves are in the Quest to find a bunch of Golden Eggs that belongs to Cleopatra. Meanwhile, a brilliant cop is trying to foil their plan. Watch it to see whether they were successful or not in doing so.

The movie depicts the journey of a practical Army doctor saving the life of a child. In this, how he uses his own family to help save the child’s life forms the main crux of the story.


The movie revolves around the life story of a Gangster who goes all the way to Manchester on a mission. With the warmness of love how his whole life changed forms the main plot of the story.

The movie shows what happens to a prime-time anchor who recently lost his job gets to become the center of a news piece. In the end, the side he chooses to be on forms the climax of the movie.

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