Is cyborg the future of humans?

There are so many examples in popular culture where we’re terrified. Movies are produced with the idea of mixing organisms & technologies together. Such as the Matrix, The Terminator, Outside the wires are some movies that supported the right use of technology. But it can destroy us in the future as well. With technology like cyborg, it’s possible to substitute bionic limbs. We can regrow a finger and can make a helmet that can read out thoughts.


 What’s a cyborg?

Cyborg or cybernetic organism is a scientific term used for an individual with an artificial system. Parts like limbs, breast implants and etc can be substituted. Manfred Clynes & Nathon S. Kline explained it in 1960. It plays a vital role in overcoming any physical disability and helps in enhancing capabilities. Additionally, Sci-fi films have provided a vast range of content on their basis. This phenomenon provides hope for a disabled person. But in contrast, fills a person with fear as well. Another related term that finds changes in gender relations is called CyberPsychology. It is defined as combining the work with technology, subjectivity, feminism, politics & etc.


Advantages of cyborg :

1. Reduce recession and disability.

2. Helps in improving senses like smell, sight, hearing & taste.

3. Enhances the rate of survival.

Disadvantages of cyborg :

1.It has a risk of infection. Whereas our neural system can even reject it.

2. It has a very high cost. Hence, ordinary people can’t afford easily

3. It doesn’t heal any kind of injury or body damage. As well as require a lot of maintenance.


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Is cyborg Boon or Curse to the humans?

Each coin has two faces, the same is with science & technology. Limited & required use of technology like cybernetic organisms can be proved beneficial to humanity. Moreover, even can bring a whole new revolution in the study & applications of science. But excess use of technology can even ruin existence. Movies have already indicated that how technology can rule over us. Therefore, excess use of cyborgs can be proved harmful to humanity.



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