Climate Change – the biggest threat

The biggest threat Imagine humans, begging for their life, for the air, for their very survival? This day is not so far when such a situation arises in front of us. Today not only humans but the whole species are at a threat of rapid climate change. As Barack Obama in one of his speeches said:

“ Climate change is no longer a far-off problem; it is happening here it is happening now”

And, unfortunately, this is closing to become a reality now. When we think about the current scenario of the world, the thing that comes to our mind first is Covid-19,that stumbled almost everything.

Climate Change still a threat after Covid-19 :

For the past two years, the world is battling with the covid19 pandemic. That has doubtlessly become the current menace to human existence. There is yet another biggest threat and that is climate change. This year, people have not only faced the worldwide pandemic but were also massively hit by extreme weather events. The flood in Germany, forest fire in parts of the United States, and cyclonic storms over the Arabian sea were merely just a few examples.

Climate change on earth

Challenges :

Among all the biggest challenge faced is global warming which is due to the temperature rise. The major reasons which have been contributing to the warming are pollution, global warming, plastic waste, an unhygienic environment, and excess use of unsustainable material. According to a report global warming solely has become the reason for the extinction of 20-30% of species around the world. For the first time, the intergovernmental panel on climate change’s (IPCC) sixth assessment report (AR6) concluded that human influence on the warming of atmosphere, ocean, and land is “unequivocal”.

Unsustainable exploitation of natural resources has increased to such an extent that natural happenings are falling apart which has done nothing but added to more severe natural calamities. There’s an abrupt change in the water cycle, due to which floods, droughts, and tsunamis occur frequently besides this, global warming remains the prominent one. It has been observed that the rise in earth’s temperature will continue at least until the mid-century under all emission circumstances. IPCC has estimated that the damage cost of climate will increase significantly.

What can we conclude about climate change?

The pace and scale of climate action are only set to increase. So, it is high time this issue needs to be resolved. Climate change should be given the same priority as covid-19. Moreover, should be managed the way it was done never before. It is not only the responsibility of the government to take measures to protect the environment, but each individual’s duty too.

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What practices can we follow to minimize?

The best step we can practice on an individual level is to use more eco-friendly products. Also,  the industries have an equally important role too. They should go towards more resilient sustainable infrastructure. Hence, resulting in not contributing towards the heating of the environment. Scientists have, for years, been searching for alternative technologies to combat global heating. To cover the same, by studying and analyzing the properties of hydrogen, they have come up with a great idea of utilizing hydrogen as a decarbonizing agent. Hydrogen is a clean fuel, which can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels. Net-zero (Shoonya) is also called carbon neutrality. In this process, the number of greenhouse gases ejected into the atmosphere gets absorbed and decarbonized. So that the net result can be zero.

Around 100 countries have declared net-zero by 2030 or 2050. After the Paris agreement in 2015, 195 countries have signed for this year’s COP26 conference. The forthcoming 26th United Nations climate change conference of the parties (COP26) in Glasgow is shaping to be the most important climate meeting this year. From November 1-12, 2021 with the main focus on climate change. I Hope COP26 will bring us the best solution to tackle this crisis.

Vaishnavi Uniyal

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