The foreseen Growth of AI

The modern weapon of the modern society 

How about a never tiring body like a computer could also prove to be an aid for performing tedious tasks without showing any resistance. 

Understanding algorithms and their application in building and using artificial intelligence could be the means to it. 

AI growth as an alternative
Artificial Intelligence



Artificial Intelligence was just a topic of fascination in the previous years but now is a closely felt reality.

Even when AI was coined in 1956, its importance and usage have been felt more in recent years.

Ok, Google and Siri are our anytime listeners and decision-makers. They provide us interactive and valuable content. Indeed, they stand out as one of the best examples of  Artificial Intelligence within and around us.

Entertainment, education, finance to the health care sector, etc. have shown us how artificial intelligence has been able to prove its worth in all sectors of the economy. 

Though robotics or humanoids are a bit limited. Further, their future potential is beyond. Surely, they are the best way to efficiently run economies. Hence, creating monetary and overall development.

AI, the productive Alternative

In the recent example of this pandemic i.e. COVID-19, robots are the best alternative in the health care department from medication and monitoring of patients to sanitizing the public areas, and so on, since social distancing, is a must for the survival of humans. 

Countries have accepted AI to be the next and best alternative for generations. 

Even a country like India, with its growing economic possibilities, has shown interest in AI. The government of the country has acknowledged and raised this topic- ‘AIforAll’, RAISE- Responsibility AI For Social Empowerment. 

Also, the government of India and other countries has now increasingly reflected on possibilities of the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence. This shows exceptional growth and possibilities of employment in this sector.

As the influence of Artificial Intelligence keeps on increasing in economies globally. It becomes essential to gain knowledge in the same department and discover growth as individuals. 

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