Indian scientists have developed self-healing material:

There are so many devices like TV, phone, Tab, Laptop & watch that are used daily. But they often break due to mechanical damage. Thus, people have to invest a lot in repairs. Whereas in some cases even have to replace the device. But Indian Scientists have recently found a self–healing material that will be helpful in resisting these expenses. It is a unique material called a piezoelectric material. It can lead to the development of auto–repairing.

What is piezoelectricity :

The word piezoelectricity refers to electricity produced by pressure & latent heat. It is a phenomenon in which some charge is accumulated by the solid that helps in overcoming mechanical stress. It is a unique hard organic crystal. Especially helpful in converting electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice-versa.

Around the mid-eighteenth century, Carl Linnaeus & Franz Aepinus studied it for the first time. But both failed to prove it experimentally. Pierre Curie & Jacques Curie used quartz, topaz, Rochelle salt &, etc to demonstrate the direct piezoelectric effect in 1880. Whereas, Gabriel Lippmann proposed the converse effect mathematically from the fundamental thermodynamic principle.

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Due to its unique property, it acquires some charge at the broken or cracks junction. Later on, gradually results in attraction & precise self-repair.

Development of self–healing material :

Scientists from all over the world have been researching on the hard organic substance that contains unique property of auto-healing. After the research of more than three decades, Indian scientists have found the world’s hardest self – healing material.

These scientists are from the Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER), Kolkata & Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur. They collaborated together & achieved this massive success of developing piezoelectric material. The team’s lead investigator from IISER – Malla Reddy and another scientists Nirmalya Ghosh, IISER, has confirmed its existence to DST. Therefore the team has filed for its patent protection and working further on its common futuristic use.


1. It will be used in high – end – microchips, high-precision mechanical sensors, actuators.

2. In micro-robotics, will be helpful in industrial-scale precision engineering.

3. If any part of spacecraft breaks outside space or on the surface of the targeted site of Mars or Moon. Then self–repaired occurs using piezoelectric material.




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