Global Learning and its future: Ed-Tech replace traditional learning

Global learning: A teaching aid to the pandemic

From books to the internet being our best friend, the reach of knowledge has immensely changed its reach globally.
Education Technology, crossing borders reaching the masses has surely been a ” study at home” opportunity for millions and billions. With no four-wall classrooms, a copious variety of courses, lessons to learn have brought endless opportunities around the globe while sitting at the comfort of your home.
Understanding the fast pace of competition in the field, initiatives to teach online started through youtube creating channels before Ed-tech companies.
Although, now both the platforms have their importance and essence.
When the physical presence of teachers is missed by students and their parents. The online platforms with their interactive lectures using technology to make it more realistic have assured both the entities of the quality of education.

The foreseen growth of Ed-tech
Ed-Tech, an alternative to traditional classes

Why rapid growth is felt worldwide.

Virtual reality labs, practical tool kits delivered home, timely tests, 24/7 availability rule out the questions of many and enhance their trust in the online platforms.
Ed-tech companies are also coming up with their apps for systematic course details and individual learner’s track records. These have encouraged different ages to join with ease to use and understand.
Certification from world-class institutions and universities has been a major point of attraction for the learners to grab such opportunities.
English is a dominating language worldwide. The provision of subtitles brings more flexibilty to cover language differences.
Also, the lessons are available in different languages according to the native language.
Apps like Coursera, Udemy have gained the trust and rapport of their users in bringing education from top-class universities, which every child wishes to have a degree or certification.

Online Graduation Level Degrees, a perfect alternative 

Even at graduation level programs, diplomas are easily accessible of honorable universities worldwide. Rresulting, deepening the essence of the online educational platforms.
Even, teachers find it easy to teach online. Also, earning easily and feel the pride to be able to connect their students at any hour of the day.
The growth of Ed-Tech companies was already easily predictable in the growing years. Lately, Ed-Tech has grown exceptionally more during this time of a pandemic like COVID-19.

The Inescapable Growth of Ed-Tech 

When social distancing became essential for survival, the world  paused but the clock kept ticking.  Indeed, education online has been the only means to teach children.
Schools, universities have themselves adopted various means to reach their students.
This pandemic has been an important game-changers for online education. Almost every learner worldwide understood the importance. The quality of the online educational platforms and has received a great acknowledgment to be the new normal, accepted globally.

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