Malala Yousafzia : Here’s all what you must know about her

Malala Yousafzia is an internationally prominent activist from Pakistan. Prominently famous for her initiative of prioritizing female education in her home country.The United Nations designated July 12 as Malala Day to honor Malala Yousafzia for her initiatives taken towards female education since her early teens.

History of Malala Yousafzia:

In 1997, she was born in Mingora, Pakistan. As a Young girl, Malala was not permitted to go to school. As Taliban banned girls from going to schools for education. But malala raised her voice against the Taliban by refusing to stay home. She stood up for the right to education for girls in Pakistan from around September 2008. As she started vocalizing more towards the right to education, she started receiving more death threats. Perhaps almost got killed in that attack by the Taliban.

What happened in the attack?

October 9, 2021: As she rode back towards her home after giving an exam in Pakistan swat’s valley, one Taliban Gunman shot her in the head. Along with her two other girls, Kainat Riaz and Shazia Ramzan were also wounded in this attack. The bullet passed from the side of her left eye and landed on her shoulder.

How did Yousafzia Medical treatment happen?

  • Peshawar: For the medications after the attack yousafzia airlifted to a military hospital in Peshawar
  • Rawalpindi: Then she moved to the armed forces institute of cardiology in Rawalpindi
  • United Kingdom: Later on treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital as she flew to the United Kingdom. All her expenses of transportation, treatment, and accommodation were beard by the Pakistan government.

October 17, 2012: Malala came out of the coma

January 3, 2013: After several surgeries and proper medications she was finally discharged.

What happened after Malala recovered?

After this, in 2013 itself she founded Malala Fund. It was a nonprofit organization that opened along with her father. With the aim of ensuring free, safe, quality school education for all the girls around the globe. In 2014 University of King’s College awarded her an honorary doctorate.

Why Malala Day is celebrated?

On July 12, 2013, Malala turned 16-year-old and delivered a strong speech at the UN headquarters. The young Pakistani activist in her speech mentioned the necessity of worldwide access to women’s education. Moreover, mentioned the world leaders to reform their policies. After speech completion, several rounds of standing ovations to applaud her speech were given by everyone. Therefore, to honor the activist, the UN promptly declared that day Malala Day.

Malala’s Book Publications:

Malala Yousafzia's Book Publications

  1. “I Am Malala”: She co-authored this autobiography. This is an international bestseller
  2. ‘Malala’s Magic Pencil’: In October 2017 she published a children’s picture book. This book was based on her life experiences
  3. ‘We Are Displaced: My Journey and Stories from Refugee Girls Around the World’: In 2018 she wrote another book, mentioning her life along with the refugee girls.The girls  she met during her campaigns.

Malala has received more than 40 awards and honors for her activism and for her immenseness bravery.

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