Jamsetji Tata biggest philanthropist of the century! Azim Prem ji, second Indian Philanthropist in the list


Jamsetji Tata, the Father of Indian Industry with $ 102.4 Billion stands the highest in the Top 50 Philanthropists of the world. 

The listings are based on the EdelGive Foundation and Hurun Research’s Report. 

According to EdelGive and Hurun India, “The ranking is based on Total Philanthropic Value, calculated as the value of the assets today together with the sum of gifts or distributions to date.”

A total of 50 Philanthropists were selected based on donations from the last century. 

Top Ranking Countries with highest number of pHilanthropists
Top Ranking Countries with the highest number of philanthropists

Overall in numbers, the USA topped the list with the highest number of philanthropists. 

The list goes by in the following order- 

  1. USA- 39 
  2. UK- 5 
  3. China-3 
  4. India-2 
  5. Portugal-1 ,Switzerland-1 

The Philanthropists across the Globe!

Jamsetji Tata is a very significant figure in the development of the country. His contributions to Modern India’s economy have been essential and shall stay the same.

Indeed, his foundation of 1892 still makes a significant impact on the contribution history of the world. 

Important to Note, Azim Premji is the second Indian whose contributions were appreciated at rank 12 in the list. He is one of the living aspirations in the Indian industrial world. Azim Premji has switched 67% of Wipro to Azim Premji Foundations. Currently, his donations are valued at $21 billion. Moreover, his contributions amidst the COVID- pandemic adds to his great works.

Further, Bill and Melinda Gates become the second-highest philanthropist with $74.6 billion. 

The list of top 10 Philanthropists flows as follows- 

  • Jamsetji Tata – 102.4
  • Bill Gates & Melinda French Gates – 74.6
  • Henry Wellcome – 56.7
  • Howard Hughes – 38.6
  • Warren Buffett – 37.4
  • George Soros -34.8
  • Hans Wilsdorf -31.5
  • JK Lilly Sr -27.5
  • John D Rockefeller -26.8
  • Edsel Ford- 26.6
  • EdelGive and Hurun Research are sharing the stories of great personalities across the globe. Undoubtedly, their initiative will enlighten others to contribute to social work. 

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