Chinese Vaccine Mandatory If You are Traveling to China – Link, Detailed Information, and How to Apply

China issues a notice stating that only Indians allowed to enter into China are those who would receive Chinese vaccine.

China tries to play a hand ahead in its vaccine race against the foreign vaccines. In the same context, the Chinese Embassy  and Consulates in new Delhi on 15 March said in a notice that it would allow only those people to enter into China who have been inoculated with Chinese vaccine. It also said that the people must also contain a Vaccination Certificate. The notice also included the families, friends, and relatives of the people wanting to continue their work in China.

“Persons and their family members going to China to carry on their employment contracts, work resumption and other relevant activities are allowed to submit their visa applications through Chinese Visa Application Service Center (VFS)to Chinese Embassy or Consulates in India following the same way as before the epidemic occurred.”

The certificate of vaccination should, as per the notice, contain a positive result of IgM antibody test and negative results of nucleic acid test. The IgM test measures the amount of antibodies in the blood. Therefore, the IgM test would be able to identify if a person has developed antibodies against the Covid-19 or not.

This is also applicable to any ‘foreigner’ who is somehow in relation with any person residing in China. Such as a family friend, kinship of brothers or sisters, spouse or any relative. Even for any ‘humanitarian emergency’, the Chinese vaccine is must. The people travelling with APEC business card should also receive the Chinese vaccine before applying for the business visa. Also, people need to present their Electronic Health Declaration while boarding the flight.

” Foreign Passengers can apply for the Electronic Health Declaration Form by logging on the website of via computer or smart phone. Foreign passengers can fill in the information, declare the health status and upload the negative certificate of nucleic acid test and IgM antibody test, passport page, as well as valid Chinese visa, which will then be examined and verified by the Chinese Embassy or Consulates in India for issuing QR code with the “HDC” mark. Foreigners are obliged to follow the regulations and undergo the necessary quarantine by the Chinese local authorities upon their arrival in China.” Added the notice.

The Chinese newspaper claims that more than 20 nations fall under the above notice. But, nations like India,  EU, etc. have not approved of Chinese vaccine to be used on their citizens. These are the alleged reasons for  China’s strange and unusual notices. India on the other hand, after the Galwan clash, is quite diplomatic towards Chinese activities.

Earlier, in the month of February, the Chinese government also blocked some of the flight routes regarding the pandemic,

“The travel route of more than one transit country or area does not meet the requirement of application for the Electronic Health Declaration Forms under the newly-promulgated pandemic control measures of the Chinese government. For example, application of passengers taking the India – Frankfurt, Germany – Paris, France – China flight route will be rejected.”

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Shashwat Malasi

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