Virtual Classes: The new classrooms of today’s world

Educational Technology Vision Themes

How about providing lectures and knowledge to millions of students? Surely accompanied by handsome monetary profits?

Yes! It is no dream today. We all are accustomed to it very much. 

  Revolutionizing educational platforms from four-walled classrooms to internet platforms with unlimited reach  will be benefiting both the educators and the learners.


Ed-tech platforms are now available, where teachers can voluntarily apply for teaching and share their knowledge. This makes it feasible for them to reach learners in large populations, rather than just the limited ones.

    One-to-one basis through live classes, chatbox, the comment section, etc. irrespective of time constraints enhances the value of virtual classrooms.


Perks to such Virtual Classes : 


Managed data work and reduced pressure: With online platforms or specialized Ed-tech apps managing the data of students i.e. assignments, attendance, assessments, etc. reduce the workload of the educators and enable them to focus and provide better quality content to their patrons.


Financial worth: With the quest to share knowledge also comes the necessity to earn and live a happy healthy life. EdTech platforms provide opportunities for teachers to earn through online lectures while working from home.


Unlimited Scope: With several learners joining such platforms there is a possibility of increased scope to earn while making it a profitable opportunity and receiving respect from different borders of the world.


Better Platform: EdTech platforms are less restrictive and more interactive.   Indeed, it  makes it easy for the teachers to mold lectures according to their choices. 


Learning Opportunity: With students joining the classes of their choice, there comes a better set of questions and knowledge from across the world, which in turn enhances the quality of the learning processes.


 There are employment opportunities where financial worth is increased as compared to the traditional platforms of education. Resulting in, enlistment of more and more educators on various Ed-tech platforms. 

After the situation of this pandemic, when schools, institutions are utilizing online platforms to teach their students and attain growth. Surely, Ed-tech platforms are the new marketplace for educators. 

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Mansi Goel

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