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Covid-19 Vaccination at Workplace

On Tuesday, 7th April 2021, the Centre allowed the covid vaccination at public and private workplaces from April 11th, 2021. In light of the announcement, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) has come up with Covid-19 vaccination Guidelines at the workplace. It has been reported that vaccination drives will be allowed for offices having about 100 eligible and willing beneficiaries by tagging these workplaces with the existing Covid Vaccination Centre (CVC).

How the workplace for Covid-19 Vaccination will be identified?

As per the guidelines, two Task Force teams will be appointed:

  1. The District Task Force (DTF) chaired by District Magistrate.
  2. The Urban Task Force (UTF) chaired by Municipal Commissioner.

These two task force teams will identify the government and private workplaces respectively after due discussion with relevant employers. The management of the facility will designate one of their senior staff to work as Nodal Officer to coordinate with district health authorities/private covid vaccination centers (CVCs) to take up the vaccination drive.

Who is eligible for vaccination at Workplaces?

Employees of 45 years of age and above will be eligible for vaccination. No outsider, including, family members will be allowed to participate in the vaccination drive at ‘CVC at work place’. Beneficiaries must be registered in the Co-WIN portal before participating in the vaccination drive and the Nodal officer will ensure the registration of all the targeted beneficiaries. Also, on- the spot registration facility will also be available for the employees at the workplace.

As per the guidelines shared by the MoHFW, once the location for workplace vaccination is identified, they will be registered in the Co-WIN portal as Government or Private COVID-19 Vaccination Center. Also, the government has decided to provide one type of vaccine at the workplace. The motive behind this is to avoid mixing vaccine types in 1st and 2nd doses of beneficiaries. It has also been mentioned that if a person has already received one dose of vaccine at a different CVC, he/she will not be allowed to participate in the workplace vaccination drive. They have to take their second dose of the same vaccine from the first CVC.

Verification of beneficiaries at workplace CVC will be done by using Aadhar Card. Apart from Aadhar, other IDs approved by MoHFW are EPIC, Passport, Driving License, PAN Card, Smart Card issued by RGI under NPR, and Pension Document with Photograph.

Also, the vaccination at the government workplace will be free of cost and at private CVC, it will be Rs. 250 per person per dose.

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