Indian vaccine reaches around the globe.

Indian vaccines, since 16 January 2021 are being given to the citizens of India. Together with this, the vaccines are also reaching various foreign nations as a cause for global help. India as a forerunner in the field of vaccine production is helping many countries in the fight against the Covid pandemic. Since the very first day, India, known as ‘the pharmacy of the world’ has sent huge consignments of vaccines to different nations. The vaccines include doses of Covaxin which is completely Made in India by the Serum Institute, Pune. The other includes Covisheild, a collaboration of AstraZeneca with Oxford. It is the local version of the Oxford-Astra-Zeneca.

Various nations of the world receiving Made in India vaccines covaxin, covisheild.
Indian Vaccines reaching nations around the world.

Some countries of the Indian subcontinent are provided with free consignments. The list includes Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives, and so on. As of 20th March, Namibia is the current nation to receive the vaccine. Ghana was the first African nation to receive the covid-19 vaccine from the COVAX facility. The country received 6 lakh doses of the Oxford-Zeneca vaccine.

The central government has started a campaign #VaccineMaitri or ‘Friendship through Vaccines’. Under this campaign, the Indian vaccines are being sent to the nations. Here is a list of nations that have up to now received the vaccine from India:

    1. 1. Eswatini
    1. 2. Pakistan
    1. 3. Nicaragua
    1. 4. Qatar
    1. 5. Pacific Nations
    1. 6. Saudi Arabia
    1. 7. Brazil
    1. 8. Morocco
    1. 9. Iran
    1. 10. Myanmar
    1. 11. Mauritius
    1. 12. Seychelles
    1. 13. Uzbekistan
    1. 14. Bangladesh
    1. 15. Maldives
    1. 16. Nepal
    1. 17. Bhutan
    1. 18. Cabo Verde
    1. 19. Botswana
    1. 20. Sierra Leone
    1. 21. Tajikistan
    1. 22. Mozambique
    1. 23. Ethiopia
    1. 24. Guyana
    1. 25. Liberia
    1. 26. Somalia
    1. 27. United Kingdom
    1. 28. Malawi
    1. 29. Mali
    1. 30. Uganda
    1. 31. Rwanda
    1. 32. Canada
    1. 33. Lesotho
    1. 34. Senegal
    1. 35. Kinshasa
    1. 36. Kenya
    1. 37. Guatemala
    1. 38. Cambodia
    1. 39. Nigeria
    1. 40. Angola
    1. 41. Caribbean nations
    1. 42. Côte d’Ivoire
    1. 43. CARICOM nations(Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, Guyana, Jamaica, Haiti, Saint Lucia)
    1. 44. Ghana
    1. 45. Ukraine
    1. 46. Serbia
    1. 47. Mongolia
    1. 48. Dominica
    1. 49. Barbados
    1. 50. Dubai
    1. 51. Muscat
    1. 52. South Africa
    1. 53. Algeria
    1. 54. Kuwait
    1. 55. Egypt
    1. 56. Bahrain
    1. 57. Philippines

India, in return, is also getting affection as well as respect from all the nations be it a smaller one or a larger one. Here is a tweet by Johnny Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize.

Andrew Holness, the Prime Minister of Jamaica also thanked India for the benevolent move.

Vincent Biruta, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rwanda also expressed gratitude towards India on behalf of Rwanda.

Jamaica thanked the Indian initiative and said,

” There is absolutely no place for vaccine nationalism in this crisis, as no member is spared the impact of the virus until all members are able to contain it spread. Therefore, we recognize the efforts of countries such as India and South Africa that have arranged delivery of vaccines to many Least Developing Countries (LDC). “

As far as India is concerned, as of 21 March, more than 4.46 Crores(4,46,03,841) doses have been administered and 25,40,449 vaccine doses given, till the 21st morning. Also, India created a benchmark of vaccinating more than 30 lakh people a day throughout the country.

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