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Kidney Disease / CKD ( Kidney Failure ) / Dialysis

Knowing that a kidney disorder can never be cured and kidney functions can never be brought back to normal and natural functions, dark and negative aspects of life overpowers the whole positivity.

Honestly speaking, putting myself in the patient’s place gives me only a horrible and depressive view.
Friends, today, the way, Kalyan Homeopathy is successfully and sincerely curing this sensitive disease, are nothing but Almighty’s blessings and miracle to the medical science.
Trust me and never get panicked, when you first come to know about this has happened to you. Homeo pathy works on its principal ” Too Rapid, Too Gentle, Permanent and Dynamic” to give miraculous results to give life. Sometimes, this may create confusion in mind, but by applying the Homeopathic principle of “Similia Similibus Curantur” (weaker is always abolished by stronger one), this becomes possible and slowly takes the patient’s kidney functions towards normal.
You may be surprised to know that thousands of patients, whose urea shot up to 300, hemoglobin went down till 5 and creatinine rose to 15, going with dialysis two-three times a week, have been cured. Not only their all adverse reports converted to normal, but they are leading a normal and happy life for 5 – 10 yrs. For your confirmation, you can verify the details of successfully cured such persons story through my YouTube channel “dr.s.b.tiwari.”

  Kidney Disease / CKD ( Kidney Failure )
Undoubtedly kidney disease is a very sensitive issue, but when it, unfortunately, happens to you, never get panicked by the thought of it’s being incurable. Continuing with your daily work and allopathic medicines, immediately consult an efficient and registered homeopathic practitioner. Believe me after some time, by regulating your routine combined with homeopathic medicines and a few yoga asanas, not only allopathic medicines will be stopped but you may not even require homeopathic medicines. You can learn this yoga sans through my above YouTube channel dr.s.b.tiwari.
Friends curing my patients is not only my profession but also eternal pleasure and utmost fulfillment.

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Dr. S.B. Tiwari

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