Nainital Quaint Town – The Tale of beautiful hills in and around the town


Before I write about this place I would like to mention that this trip cost me my solo trip to Coimbatore where I couldn’t go till now. Maybe later, besides I got to see snowstorms just a few feet above Nainital. But that was a breathtaking experience one could ever have.


Nainital is situated at 2088 meters above sea level, a very popular tourist spot of towering peaks in the Kumaon hills. Bustling markets with spectacular views of the hills. Essentially make Nainital a gateway to the upper reaches of the mighty Himalayas.

So my journey starts at Noida with a bunch of weirdos, we took our friend’s car and left the city at 10:00 pm. We drove for 7 hours because the idea was to have early morning tea in Nainital itself.

Enroute we stopped for refreshments and then we stretched, We reached Ghortal at around 4:00 am in the morning where we booked our hotel. It was raining like cats and dogs, too early for people to wake up in that cold, chilly winter morning, so we waited inside the car for the rain to subside.

We preferred staying in the suburbs (Ghortal) not in the town reason being. As the real beauty of the mountains cannot be seen in and through the town. Also, you will get cheap hotels comparatively. Since we had our own vehicle it was easy for us to commute to and fro in the city. The hotel view was so scenic, one can sit at the window with a cup of coffee (music in the background) and just stare outside of the range of lush green mountains. We had breakfast which includes bread omelet and of course not to mention “Maggi” then we went for sightseeing.

Naini Lake, the heart of the city :

Naini Lake of Nainital
Naini Lake

Running side by side of the Mall Road with the cool breeze blowing across the roads where one can find restaurants, cafes, and shops. I stood by the lake just glaring at its beauty and putting it to my photographic memories.

Naini Lake is a prime attraction for the town with a natural freshwater body. Especially to experience the beauty we took a boat ride which costs round 200/- per person, my heart got lost in the lake and this feeling is universal and unique at the same time. The lake looks more magical at night when the reflection of streetlights falls on it. Moreover, the evening stroll on the Mall road is the ultimate fun. One can cover Nainital in one daytime.

Mukteshwar :

 The next day we checked out from that hotel and we went a few feet above to a place called Mukteshwar This place remains under soft covers, visited less frequently by tourists. We struggled to look for a hotel with a view/vibe and obviously basic amenities. We searched and searched, following Google maps. Afterward, taking guidance from the locals we got a villa exactly the way we wanted it to be.


The view from the terrace was astonishing, away from the unending buzz. Afterward, the moment I saw it, I made up my mind that we will have a bonfire here at night. No matter how cold, we feel sitting outside, but it has to happen. We asked the caretaker if he could arrange for a bonfire. He humbly nodded with a smile and bought us some seasoned wood. On that night we cooked chicken and the whole combination calls for Rum, you know it. So we sat there with the bonfire gazing at the sky full of shooting stars. As they emerge (music plays in the background) it was a pleasant night. The next morning as suggested by the locals, we visited Mukteshwar temple.

Mukteshwar Temple : Religious Place in Nainital:

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is perched at an elevation of 2,300 meters above sea level. Moreover, it offers a fantastic view of enchanting surroundings. The temple boasts simple architecture with stone steps leading to the adobe of the deities. In the foothills, there were locals selling fresh Malta juice, Rajma chawal. Maggi to satisfy your hunger immediately after offering prayer.

The food at Machan – the rustic cafe-like restaurant in Nainital :

Food at Machan in Nainital
Food at Machan


The cafe has two spaces (close and open) separating through a narrow passage with a mini bar at the corner of it. They offer mouth watering cuisines with an exceptional vibe. You have both vegetarian and non – vegetarian options. Apart from that, one must enjoy chicken soup there. The ambiance of the place is mesmerizing, one can see the red streaks in the sky shining brightly in the valley. The cafe is a cozy place to chill with a mug of beer and really delish food.

The Snowstorms –

Hi, snowflakes aren’t it crazy how one year has passed. Sometimes it feels so good to remember the moment getting grounded by the raw powder of nature. If you are lucky enough to experience this remember, feel it, let yourself sink at that moment totally.


The trip couldn’t be off to a better end: a snowstorm hitting and leaving the last few inches of snow on the roads. Returning back halfway we faced a harsh snowstorm which was quite unusual around that locus. While driving we were unable to apply the brakes due to excessive slipping on ice, the crisp winter air is full of it. And at that moment I was thinking – “Never tame the beast” the weather can be harsh and you will always end up losing the battle. But we moved slowly for about half an hour like that then it dwindled.


Although, silencing the city giving something to dream about at the starting days of the year. A full-blown blizzard signifies the life of the crystal, the architect of the flake, the fire of the frost, the soul of the sunbeam and it is always peaceful.




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