Change- the inevitable wonder

Fallacies have acted as a lid for a long, concealing the reality beneath them. But, the truth existed even before human civilization did. The truth that change is the only certainty in one’s life. All that embedded in the cycle of life changes time and again.

It’s very apt and oxymoronic at the same time to say that nothing is permanent except change. Although, this can be considered as the basic principle on which the pyramid of life rests.

The alterations presented by life may yield pleasure or even pain. Moreover, its outcome could be blissful, sorrowful, or even a melange of the two. A pessimist longing for optimism may cherish it in the years to come. Also, an eccedentesiast wanting to acquire real happiness will surely achieve it with the passage of time.

The word permanent is just a myth. Changes ought to occur and light their flame everywhere. You cannot stop the quench blue sky from turning to dreary, dark. Nor can you pause the vagrant breeze on its way to accomplish its mark.


You may not end up, from where you started with. Life is a ladder of changes which one needs to climb as the years roll by. The Solomon-like force of life may change with the blink of an eye. The tussle with perplexity will break down to serenity someday. Thus, releasing the garments of endurance worn at present. Nothing stays the same forever. Although, the outcome of some depends on you. Also, the consequences could be transformed in your favor, maybe by your untiring endeavors.

While venturing into the business of life, you’ll find yourself battling. In order to emerge as a triumphant warrior. Thus the library of changes that life opens up in front of you is an ocean of knowledge. Especially, instilled with great charm. Moreover, this knowledge will assist you in molding yourself as per the platter of the changes life has to offer you in the near future.



Anshika Dixit

6 thoughts on “Change- the inevitable wonder

  • Dharmvir Dharmacharya Dharmvir Dharmacharya

    Nice Article.

  • Shreesh Shreesh

    Rightly explained……Nothing can change out sidr unless done within

  • Arushi Sinha Arushi Sinha

    Thoughts put in words so accurately.

  • Aditi Shukla Aditi Shukla

    Wow Anshika!💛💫
    I’m proud of you! This is so well written💜 Keep it up💙✨

  • Anjali Dixit Anjali Dixit

    Very well expressed.


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