What!! An earphone price equivalent to the iPhone 12 pro max?

Sennheiser, a German audio brand launched IE 900 in India. It is a new premium in-ear earphone. These are by far the most expensive earphones ever launched by the company in India. Specially hand-assembled in Sennheiser’s headquarters, Germany.

What is the price of the IE 900?

The price of these exclusive earphones is Rs 1,29,990. Hence, almost equivalent to the price of an iPhone12 pro max in India. Though they are currently not available for purchase in India. But you can pre-order it at Sennheiser online store.

Keeping in mind the price aspect of the earphones it’s surely not for the casual listeners. Thus, designed specifically for pursuits.

IE 900 earphones

Features  :

  • The Sennheiser IE900 consists of the corporate X3R System. That delivers the purest and natural sound to the ears.
  • The Silicone ear adapters and three elastic foam ear adapters are bundled together in three variant sizes.
  • Transducer claims to provide coherent, artifact-free “Sennheiser sound”, discoverable in headphones of full size. That is 8 times larger in size.
  • A 7mm Extra Wide Band (XWB) transducer system is incorporated in it. Along with a Triple-Chamber Absorber (T3CA) system.
  • Multi driver system replaced with a single dynamic driver. Thus, ensuring no phase incoherence along with audio output richer and distortion-free. Due to the infusion of single-driver earphones, problems that arise by multi-driver arrays are easily cleared. Hence, provides a crystal clear sound. Along with the removal of troughs and distracting peaks.
  • Acoustic back volume is incorporated into it to remove the critical frequency band generated by the separation of lows and mids.
  • Three Helmholtz resonator chambers placed between the diaphragm and the nozzle. Along with this cased in the aluminum chassis
  • For scattering excessive energy acoustic friction is maximized by incorporating an acoustic vortex

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Amazing Facts:

Gold-plated MMCX connectors for improving stability

The price of the earphone IE 900 is equivalent to the iPhone 12 pro max in India.

An iPhone which is used for all the primary tasks like making a call, clicking pictures, browsing, internet surfing, etc., costs Rs 1,29,990 whereas an earphone which is just used to listening to music or making a call costs the same as an iPhone?

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