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Novavax to partner with SII(Serum Institute Of India)

In spite of clearing the Efficacy Test with a score of 90.4%, novavax has uncertainty for authorization in the US. But India appears as the major destination for this shot. Hence, collaborating with the Serum Institute of India as a manufacturing unit.

The trials of Novavax conducted on 29,960 persons in the US and Mexico. In India, the Novavax renamed as covavax in advanced stages of phase 2/3 “observer-blinded, randomized, active-controlled” conducting trials with 1600 participants enrolled through SII over 18 years across 15 Centers. Further, the interest of SII indicates conducting trials for children also.

“The results are very encouraging and we are looking forward to the vaccine. We are already engaged with SII for supplies and the company is doing trials with ICMR. It is a very promising vaccine candidate and we are hopeful that they will be able to submit data in India for regulatory approvals very soon”.-Statement given by the Indian official.

According to Novavax chief executive Stanley Erck the company has applied in UK, EU, Korea, and India for the approvals. As the approvals by the company planned for abroad. According to the Indian government estimation, during the September-December 20 crore, novavax shots (five crores a month)and more will be available.

Advantage of the vaccine in India :

As it’s easy to store and transport. Thus, this is the most effective point that makes it a good option for India. As India is facing challenges taking it to remote corners of the country and trying to boost its covid-19 vaccination program.

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