Singles’ Awareness Day: Raise a toast to your singularity

Do you feel suffocated in the sweet scent of valentine’s celebration? Especially singles !!

Through the centuries, valentine’s Day has evolved its meaning. Nowadays, confined to couples. Uhh! Boring enough to watch all the unrelatable love stuff.

Single Awareness Day

Indeed, 15 February is the day for all the singles. Yes, you heard it right!

What Happened on 15 February?

Long back, randomly, a boy named Dustin Barnes celebrated this day with his squad. Certainly, they all were single, all trying to reverse the sadness of being single.

Gradually, from a small party of friends, it became a trend. In 2005, this became as official as Valentine’s Day. Majorly, celebrated in the US. Later, others who got to know liked it and joined the party. Later, officially accepted is even celebrated as a day for singles. Subsequently, it is also called National Singles Day.

Ironically, the term Single Awareness Day, coined as SAD, is in reverse to enjoy and stay happy.

However, you can celebrate your love with family, friends, and people who do care for her.

When couples’ love is celebrated with every bright color, singles choose black, green as their prominent colours.

Nevertheless, the US is not the only country to celebrate this feeling of the bachelorette.

South Korea- Black Day- 14 April

China- 11 November- Bachelor’s Day

United Kingdom- 11 March

Whatever the name might be, the reason is to realize a relationship status is not a tag to the celebration. Most importantly, you need to love yourself.

How easily do we forget how not to love ourselves? Finding the right person beside to look after, we deem to forget our own worth.

However, when this celebration is taken lightly. This is crucial to understand, not all are single by choice.

  • Some feel insecure
  • Some are unable to find the right individual

Emotions pile up when people start to question their self-worth. It goes in the wrong direction. Hence, it is important for all the singles that they matter, to their parents, friends, siblings to someone around them.

How can you commemorate and dedicate yourself to love yourself and the ones who love you?

Make plans

Go out with your group

Party like you want to

Save some time, just for yourself

Purchase gifts, exchange them, or just one for you.

Undoubtedly, you have a bunch of friends dating, they must be busy enjoying with their better half. What you need to do is just celebrate a day for your single status.

Not everyone can dare to love themselves. When your insecurities surround the warm heart, nothing seems right.

But now you have no reason to stay in your bed scrolling your phone. You are not alone.

Bachelors around the globe are getting ready to celebrate their day. You better join them.

Lastly, love comes with no definition. Leave the stereotypical form of love.

A very happy day for all the singles reading this article.

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