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Pfizer to send $70 million drugs to India for COVID-19 treatment

The Global Pharma major Pfizer is sending its medicines worth USD 70 million (510crore)in India. The US, Europe, and Asia are Pfizer’s distribution centers for medicines. According to Pfizer’s Chairman Albert Bourla, the firm will be sending the drugs to India. As a part of India’s covid-19 treatment protocol.

Albert Bourla shared a mail sent to Pfizer’s employees in India on LinkedIn. Along with this, he wrote: “My heart goes out to everyone affected by the critical COVID-19 crisis in India. Today I shared the following note with our colleagues about Pfizer’s commitment to provide support.”

In the mail, Bourla wrote, “We are deeply concerned by the critical COVID-19 situation in India, and our hearts go out to you. Your loved ones, and all the people of India”.In addition to this, he said they are committed as a partner with India’s fight against COVID disease. Also are constantly working for mobilizing the largest humanitarian relief effort in their company’s history.

Pfizer medicine

The Pfizer CEO wrote, “We are donating these medicines to help make sure that every COVID-19 patient in every public hospital across the country can have access to the Pfizer medicines they need free of charge”.Also, the medicines that Pfizer will be sending worth more than $70 million. Along with this, he assures, that the medicines will be made available immediately. He explained, “we will work closely with the government and our NGO partners to get them to where they are needed most”.

The partnership of Pfizer with India

With the motto for building India’s Healthcare infrastructure and Employment generation, Pfizer partnered up with India. Pfizer has partnered up with Arpana trust, USAID, and the cap Foundation. On September 3rd in New Delhi, they entered into a memorandum of understanding(MoU). As result bringing together, NGOs, donors, and the private sector.


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