The Precious Burden: In The Form Of A Daughter


An ethereal beauty in disguise, sat huddled together in the dingy corner of the street. She bore the pain of eviction from her own house. Just because the almighty handed ‘the precious burden’ in the form of a beautiful daughter to her. But only despised by her spouse.

Vivaciously, she visualized her surreal halcyon and longing for an idyllic future. At this, she would be the champion. But it was her battle and she alone had to fight.  Moreover, emerge victorious from this plight. Although she had worn, torn, and tattered clothes. All in all, she has only the locality’s gentleness as a blessing.

Intense sorrows had filled her heart to the core. Yet, all she carried in the bag of life, were her ailments. Although, no one could sense the extent of brutality through which she had undergone. She had incurred a loss. Especially, the loss of love and care. She slept beneath the blanket of the sky. Whenever she passed through the vicinity of what she called her home, she liberated her anguish cry by a silent scream.
mother and daughter
She was a woman and gave birth to one of her kind. ‘She” represents every single woman in a patriarchal society who is suppressed and considered a sinner for giving birth to a female or as they say, ‘ a burden’

Well, the alterations requirement is nowhere. But in their mindset and it seems as if the abandoned one is not the young female. In fact, seems the rusted wit of some. That valuable creation of God is nowhere at fault and doesn’t deserve to stand at this phase of her life. It is a disgrace on such elements in the society who exist with this sort of a deplorable outlook.


The unfaulty sinner has to bear the repercussions of someone else’s actions for her entire life. She has no option but to eke out her living, without whining. The constant tussle of thoughts in her mind can never be calmed. She spends her day, pondering over the reason for such an existence. As if, questioning the society, “What was my mistake?





Anshika Dixit

12 thoughts on “The Precious Burden: In The Form Of A Daughter

  • Anjali Dixit Anjali Dixit

    Beautifully expressed.

    • Sakshi Sakshi

      Well expressed 💯

  • Aditi Shukla Aditi Shukla

    I’m amazed! This is so well written 💫

  • Bhavya verma Bhavya verma

    Amazing. 💫
    It’s a rare piece of art, just like you.❤️

  • Siddharth Chauhan Siddharth Chauhan

    Beautiful language and written about a very serious issue with clever usage of words.👌🏻👌🏻

  • Sharva Srivastava Sharva Srivastava

    Beautiful ❤

  • Jatin Jatin

    Such a beautiful writeup that conveys a strong message. Amazing Vocabulary, Splendid!!

  • Aashank Pathak Aashank Pathak

    Woah…This piece is so well written. Even as a single article it speaks volumes on the patriarchal influence still prevalent today .

  • Aadya Aadya

    Heart-touching. Very well written ❤

  • Kamya rai Kamya rai

    This is so so beautiful. 😍


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