₹100 lakh crore Master plan: Gati Shakti to boost infrastructure-PM MODI


On the auspicious occasion of the national festival, independence day, the honorable prime minister launched a program name “Gati Shakti”.

PM Modi’s I-Day Address: PM Modi says that India must take a comprehensive approach to infrastructure construction, together with modernization.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an ambitious 100 lakh crore comprehensive infrastructure development initiative called “Gati Shakti” on Sunday, with the goal of increasing job opportunities and industry productivity.

From the Red Fort’s ramparts, he delivered a speech to the country. According to Modi, the world has seen that India has the political will to implement significant changes and reforms.

PM Modi started the overall program of 100 lakh crore will generate new jobs for lakhs of young people. The Gati Shakti strategy will enable local manufacturers to increase their global profile and to compete with their peers worldwide.

“Each product sold from India worldwide is linked to India, which is why I believe that your goods are a brand ambassador to India”.-PM

gati shakti

He added Gati Shakti will be a  master plan for the nation that sets the basis for the country’s global infrastructure and gives the economy an integrated and global route.

The Gati Shakti plan also provides for additional economic zones for the future.

The Prime Minister also stated that  implemented tax measures that would stimulate “ease of living” and “ease of doing business.”

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